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The Turbo-Tire Changer is an innovative machine that allows you to change 5" or 6" kart tires quickly and easily. It combines a bead breaker and mounting fixture into one piece of equipment for convenience.

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News and Updates:

3/1/2013 USPS rates have gone up, Shipping to Canada using USPS is $40.95 and shipping to other locations outside of the USA are now $59.95 UPS costs might now be less,when placing your order please compare prices.

3/12/2012 Cost of international flat rate box shipping has risen to $47.95 , we can ship 2- 5" tire changers for $60.95 in 1 large flat rate box.

5/25/2011 -5" tire changers are in stock

5/16/2011 -5" tire changers will be back in stock by the end of the month

8/27/2009 -International shipping is still only $40 when using USPS

8/12/2008 -SLIP-ON Mounting Gel on sale for $5.00

6/5/2008 -We now have a kit available that allows you to have one machine for both 5" & 6" wheels. See the 6" Turbo-Tire Changer page for more details.

2/27/2008 -Thanks for visiting us at the Kart Expo and all of your great comments!

12/23/2007 -Come see us at the Kart Expo on February 23rd and 24th!

7/22/2007 -The 6" model is now available. See the product description for more information.

7/18/2007 -We now can ship to anywhere in the world for $40.

6/19/2007 -The lever has been upgraded with a low friction strip to prevent marring of the wheel and lever. If you currently own a Turbo-Tire Changer, please contact us for the upgrade. It will be provided free of charge.

4/21/2007 -Limited Time FREE Trial Offer:
Order the Turbo-Tire Changer using a charge card & try it for 14 days.

3/18/2007 -6" Model coming soon!!!

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